Big Brother, Big Sister Mentor ship

Launch on 11th September 2016
The most awaited day finally downed on King’eero Holy Eucharist Church.
It was a bright, chilly morning 9:00am youth Mass was proceed by Father in Charge and Youth Chaplain
Fr.Dunkan Okebe. It is amazing to meet someone like him, who cares about youths and their empowerment so much. Fr.Dunkan and Brother Dalmas Mogire have been on the forefront of supporting this program, and thus the success of its official launch today.
Mentees meet up for introduction, Sharing and networking, and within no time, we all bond so well and it is already clear that we are already a family!
As life experiences are shared by each Mentee, one cannot help but notice the uniqueness of each individual, eagerness to learn, enthusiasm, great expectations, support and acceptance of each individual, and above all, how much of life experience we all share in common.
The virtues and positive characters that Mentees have drowned inspiration from over the years include:
-Beginners Mindset
-Hard work
-Strong will
Quote of the day:
Never Give up
You never know your capability unless you try
Many Regards to all BBBS Mentees for a great time and participation.
We are looking forward to the most engaging and creative beading workshop on Saturday 17th at 2:00am-4:00pm, in the Church garden.
Come join us as we empower, and get empowered.


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